Visiting ghosts and old friends


Last night I joined Haunted Rockford and the Ghost Research Society on an investigation of the Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum. It was a fun night, and it was great to see some old friends again and meet some new people.

Up in the Red bedroom (so called because, well, it’s red) an EVP session didn’t provide any immediate results, but down in the basement, we got some interesting things. Barbara turned on a device called a ghost box and we asked some questions. Other people in our group used some dousing rods, and we asked any spirits present to point the rods to where they were standing. They kept pointing behind a female team member. She was standing near the doorway at the time, and when she moved I saw a shadow dart from behind her and down the hallway. At first I thought this was just her shadow, but then I realized hers wouldn’t have gone all the way down past the stairway.  We then asked if that was Mr. Tinker I saw moving down the hallway, and the answer came very clear: “You bet!”



IMG_3956Upstairs we examined a photo taken by one member on a previous visit to the museum. This was taken in the master bedroom, and was of the mirror on the dresser. They got some strange anomalies in the photo and what looked like a transparent female just at the edge of the frame, wearing what looks like a bonnet and old fashioned clothing. That photo will be examined further, but here’s one of Zach investigating in the same room.



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