More Coastal Magic

15665856_1050176745093957_6815972842081809546_nIt’s been weeks, but the memories linger…

Well, I learned quite a lot at my first convention. For one thing, the concept of swag was bewildering to me. What was good swag, what didn’t work at all? Well, I got some good tips. Usable swag, yes. Bookmarks, postcards…good for filling bags, but my guess is they get tossed away before attendees even get to their airplanes to go back home. Or cars. You get what I mean.

Author signing. Thanks goodness I was seated next to Neil Plaksy, with whom I had a marvelous conversation. I’d been included in one or two anthologies he’d edited, although there was that slightly embarrassing moment when he asked me which ones I’d been in. That was years ago! I can hardly remember what I did yesterday! Luckily, I think I remembered one correctly.

Saturday night: game night. I’d thought (silly me) that I wanted to get in the round of Cards Against Humanity, but there were so many at that table, and no one I really knew. I wandered past Kiernan Kelly and T. C. Blue, who were setting up a game of Telestrations After Dark. At first I thought I’d pass, as I can’t draw, but T. C. didn’t take no for an answer. I’m pretty sure she rarely does. And I’m so glad she convinced me, because much hilarity ensued. I can’t remember exactly what I was SUPPOSED to be drawing, but the result of one looked like a stick figure pole dancing while many smiling faces looked on. Sue (Davinci Kitty) got in on the game and had to decipher my drawings. She’s probably scarred for life.

Friday night: Dinner with the Dreamspinner crowd! We went to Smokey Joes, I believe it was called. The food was good, although the sandwich I had was impossible to pick up, and hard to eat with a fork. And I waited and waited for the waitress to bring me back my change. Never happened. I guess she thought she deserved a 50% tip.

Mary Calmes signed up for my table at Saturday’s Lunch With An Author. Mary Freaking Calmes!!!! She was wonderful and asked me about the Weasel books. Earlier in the day, someone asked me who I’d signed up to sit with, not knowing that I was a featured author. I told them I was sitting with Mary Calmes! I hope I didn’t fan girl over her too much. Or Amy Lane. Both were very sweet and nice.

And how amazing was T. C. Blue? That steampunk hat, and her outfits, and the different hair every time I saw her. She took my breath away. She was on my team for the Author Family Feud, and she was hysterically snide when it became apparent that our team was being railroaded. Our questions were impossible, and the judges (we’ll be nice and call them that) wanted pretty exact answers, despite the fact that on the actual Family Feud, anything even close they accept. We lost by one point, but T. C. won in my book.




4 thoughts on “More Coastal Magic

  1. I still maintain that the ability to draw well is actually a bad thing in that particular game. (I have to. It’s the only way I can convince myself to play! LOL)

    For the record… you, sir, were a pleasure to meet. I hope we’re both there again next year, as much hilarity will ensue. 😛

    So happy you enjoyed your first Coastal Magic experience… and that we were able to hang out a bit!

    And P.S. –Mary & Amy are a complete riot. I heartily second the admiration for them both. *nodnod*


  2. On behalf of the judges (moderators) of the Family Feud game. We were stuck with the answers given to us. I have to agree that your team got a raw deal on the questions, and both moderators filed complaints with the powers that be. Next year will be handled differently. Or this moderator will be making a lot of arbitrary decisions, so things are more even. And I want more interesting questions. Your side got all the boring questions.

    TC Blue was awesome, and her reactions allowed the audience to enjoy the game despite the lopsided questions. You all were wonderful panelist, and I heartily enjoyed moderating the different panels.

    While it was your first time as a Featured Author at CMCon, it was my first time moderating anything. I look forward to doing it again next year, and I hope you will be returning as well.

    PS. Don’t ever let not knowing the people playing Cards Against Humanity keep you from joining in. You will soon know them more than your ever wanted. I was introduced to the game last year. I didn’t know anyone at the table, but that didn’t last long. They made me feel more than welcome, and were happy to show me the ropes. The game you played looked fun. We observed for a bit after our game ended.


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