An Epic Convention and an Epic Meeting

Over the last several days, I attended the Coastal Magic Convention down in Daytona Beach, Florida. I’ll post more about this wonderful convention later, but right now I just want to leave this, about my first meeting with Brandilyn Carpenter and William Cooper.

I got to the hotel about 2:00, but the convention didn’t start until 4. So I had 2 hours to kill. I sat down in a little alcove to read. I set out a copy of Raven’s Rest because I knew Sue from Grave Tells wanted to add a copy to her raffle basket and she needed it ASAP. Two people came up and asked if they could sit with me. I said sure. We chatted a little. Turns out they were Brandilyn and William.

Apparently, during their car trip they listened to several audio books, and in all of them, dogs died. Jokingly, Brandilyn told William that the next time they would listen to a story with zombie dogs, so Brandilyn put out a Facebook message asking for books with zombie dogs for William to listen to. Parker Williams responded with something like “hey, check out Stephen Osborne’s Duncan Andrews books. Zombie bulldog.”

William looks at his phone and then at me. Brandilyn and he confirm that I’m Stephen Osborne. William says, “Well, that’s creepy!” and adds a comment on Facebook: “We’re sitting with him!”

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