My anxieties have anxieties…

Well, I’m making preparations for my trip to Florida for the Coastal Magic Convention. I’m looking forward to going, and I’m not. I don’t like to leave my dog for any length of time. I feel guilty taking the time off work (even though they give you things like vacation days just for this purpose). And going involves getting into an airplane. One of those big things that fly in the air. Yeah, I’m trying not to think too much about that part of the journey.

Wednesday I’ll be driving to Chicago and checking into a hotel near O’Hare (a park and fly affair). That night I’ll be seeing Debra Cox in The Bodyguard (I have doubts about the musical, but I’ve seen her before, and she’s good…so there’s that). Then back to the hotel where I’ll hopefully catch a few hours of sleep (ha!) before heading over to the airport VERY early to catch a flight to Atlanta, where I’ll wait an hour before going on to Daytona.

And in Daytona, I’ll be at my first convention. I’m sure it will be lovely and fun. It certainly sounds like it will. I’m quite certain I’ll forget to pack something important. Or that I’ll get there and the hotel will say, “I’m sorry, Mr. Osborne, but we have no reservation in your name..” despite receiving a confirmation email from them. Or there will be a horrible storm, and the plane will be diverted to Chattanooga, TN.

Does anyone know of anything to do in Chattanooga?

Deep breath. You’ve got four more days of worrying about this stuff.


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