The Rainbow

Every now and then, something nasty happens in the M/M reading/writing community. Someone says something horrible, and the Internet explodes. Calming voices always wonder why this happens, since we’re supposed to be a family (as if families never had fallouts!).

Why does this happen? Because this Rainbow of ours covers a hell of a lot of ground, as it should. Some people read (or write) what are essentially gay male fantasy novels. They know that their characters don’t really act like real life gay men, and that’s fine. There’s a lot of market for these stories. Actually, it’s the biggest market. But please don’t be offended if an actual gay man, who’s had to live with bullying and prejudice his whole life, points out that it’s fantasy. He probably won’t read any more of your books, and that’s good. They’re not written for him.

Conversely, readers of these books won’t like more realistic gay novels. And that’s okay, too. Just accept they’re not for you and move on.

Some books are gay erotica. Sex in every chapter. These definitely aren’t for me. Boring! I like characters and conflict, and you can only read the words Thrust and Slam and Oh My God I love your *ock inside me so many times…

Some have almost no sex, or none at all. Oh, those would be mine! And it’s okay if you aren’t into that, as well. But, and here I have to clear my throat, DON’T tell me I have no business writing gay fiction because it was created by straight women for straight women. I’ve actually been told this twice now in conversations on Facebook, and I just have to exit the conversation at that point. If you really believe that the genre isn’t big enough to include all of us, you really are missing the love.

We are the rainbow, people. There’s a market for ALL of our stories. If you don’t like a certain type of MM romance, don’t read it. If you’re bashed in a review for unrealistic view of gay male/too much sex/ not enough sex/ what have you, please don’t take it out on other writers. We’re all in this together. For my part, I love you all.



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