Well, Raven’s Rest came out yesterday. Here are some random thoughts and musings.

There was a whole mess of release day reviews, most of them positive and a few of them glowing. Yeah, there was the one ick one. You can’t win them all. A few of them pointed out, some with shock, that there was no “on page sex.” Apparently, this is considered a requirement in M/M. Most, however, agreed that it wasn’t needed, and some even said it would have detracted from the story. So why, I ask, is it such a shock that it wasn’t in there? BTW, there is ONE sex scene, which a reviewer pointed out, saying it was short and not at all erotic. Good. It wasn’t meant to be.

One person said there were just the right number of characters and another complained there were too many. Just shows you can’t please everyone. One deducted a star rating because I “had a red herring” in the mystery. I know who she meant, and he wasn’t supposed to be a red herring at all, but my goodness, what must she think of Agatha Christie stories if red herrings aren’t allowed?

That cover. I can’t stop looking at it.

Two characters in Raven’s Rest are based on people I’ve spoken with once. One is a kid from work. He’s painfully thin and always has a grin on his face. Pretty sure I’ve exchanged five words with him total, but he was the model for Lonnie. Another person who became a character was a friend of Matt’s, and I met him only once when Matt and I ate at a local fried chicken place. He was polite and, of course, I said very little. I don’t talk much around people, especially if I don’t know them. The next day, this guy friended me on Facebook, and I was in a bit of shock. I thought it was sweet of him, considering he knew almost nothing about me. Physically, he became Kevin in the book, although not in personality.

One person posted a question for me on Goodreads after reading Raven’s Rest. Luckily, I was sent an email saying I had a question, because I never check to see if there are any. I was mortified to find that I had two questions, one from over a month ago! I apologize to that reader, and I hope the long delay in my answer didn’t upset them. The new question was about whether or not I planned on writing any more paranormal stories. I replied that I was, in fact, thinking about a sequel to Raven’s Rest. She said my answer made her day.  Well, my dear, your question and enthusiasm over my book made mine.

Ravens Rest HIGHRES



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