Raven’s Rest


Well, Raven’s Rest release date is nearly here. I hope people enjoy reading about Michael, Trey, and the spirits that reside at the Raven’s Rest Inn.

Some random thoughts about the book:

The book began life as a third person narrative, but when I went to do the second draft, I knew I had to change it to first person from Michael’s POV. One of my inspirations was the old soap opera Dark Shadows, and I was reminded of how every episode for the first year or so started off with a monologue from Victoria Winters. The creepy music would start, and we’d hear actress Alexandra Moltke say, “My name is Victoria Winters. Dark clouds are gathering over the great house of Collinwood, and…” So on and so forth. The beginning of Raven’s Rest is a bit of an homage to Dark Shadows:

” There was nothing about the inn, other than its somewhat evocative name, to suggest that dark secrets were housed within. I first saw the Raven’s Rest in the early twilight hours, and to me it looked like heaven. The Raven’s Rest Inn gave a homey impression: a large white building, a former farmhouse that had been added on to over the years. Here, the house seemed to say, you can find peace and tranquility. It beckoned to the weary traveler, offering solace from the hustle and bustle of the city.”

The Raven’s Rest is based in part on the Inn at Aberdeen, itself known to be haunted. I also drew on my experiences at Willow Creek Farm, a private residence listed as one of the ten most haunted places in Illinois. During one visit there, a chair just a couple of feet in front of me suddenly toppled over. We checked to see if there was any explanation for the chair’s action but couldn’t find one. Among other things, I’ve heard phantom footsteps there, seen shadowy figures, and felt a cold spot that we measured. It was 30 degrees colder than the air around it.

The ghosts at the Raven’s Rest are waiting, beckoning for you to come to visit them. I hope you enjoy their story.


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