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The Raven’s Rest Inn has a troubled history. Death and murder. Love and betrayal. In its time, it’s been a simple farmhouse, a speakeasy, a roadhouse, and a family home. Converted into an inn, the Raven’s Rest has a Poe theme. All the rooms are named after poems or stories by Edgar Allan Poe. If you choose, you can stay in the Raven Suite. Perhaps you might find the Black Cat suite more to your liking, although the management may have to warn you: not everyone gets a good night’s rest in the Black Cat suite. The ghost of a little girl has been known to appear to people staying there. She’s been seen numerous times, standing by the fireplace, sobbing softly. The staff of the Raven’s Rest have nicknamed her Lenore, the “lost love” from Poe’s poem “The Raven”, but no one knows her real name.

Some say the ghost of Cole Hollis also resides within the wall of the Raven’s Rest. Others say Coleman Hollis ran off years ago and couldn’t be a ghost, as he’s still alive.

Michael Cook is about the find out the truth behind Coleman Hollis’s disappearance.



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