More about Raven’s Rest

Ravens Rest HIGHRES

First off, what a cover! There was another, spookier cover that was under consideration, but I liked the font of this one, and the house is exactly what I had in mind for the Raven’s Rest. And the models ARE Michael and Trey. To a T. It’s like they came to life.

When I posted this cover on Facebook, a friend commented, “Good God! Can I get the cover models to read it to me?” Wouldn’t that be lovely? Or, better yet, let’s hunt these guys down and make a movie of it. Yeah, I’d take that money. Twist my arm.

The Raven’s Rest is loosely based on a real inn, a place called the Inn at Aberdeen. It’s in Valparaiso, Indiana, and it IS haunted. Fun place, run by nice people. Here are some pics.


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