Duncan Andrews plots and plans


A lot of people were surprised when the story continued in Under a Blood-red Moon. With good reason. Dead End, the 4th Duncan Andrews book, seemed to finish up everything (almost). So why not end there?

True, Dead End would have been a nice stopping point. But I wanted to see how Robbie fit in now that things had changed for him, plus I wanted to give Nick someone to love. Enter Casey. And as soon as I dreamed up Casey, a new story arc came to me. And so Under a Blood-red Moon was born, and it’s the start of a new series of 3 (but most likely 4) books. I’m now working on book 6. I think book 7 will be a Robbie stand-alone story (he needs his own tale) and then book 8 will definitely wrap everything up, and that will be the end of it.

It’ll be while before I’m done with the gang, though, what with my other books I’ve got planned as well. Stay tuned!


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