Thank you, Dreamspinner Press!


As Dreamspinner Press celebrates it’s 9th birthday, I’d like to give a shout out to Elizabeth and all the lovely Dreamspinners! Through them, I’ve met some amazing friends, both fictional and real. They’ve allowed me to share my stories with readers, and provided much encouragement and invaluable advice. It’s been an amazing journey, and I wish them health and prosperity for years and years to come!


One thought on “Thank you, Dreamspinner Press!

  1. Well my ghost story is most fun for my husband and I anyway. We’d gifted my mother some music boxes and all of them played Amazing Grace. When ever we would leave her home we’d wind them up at just a wee bit apart. We would get home and the phone would be ringing and she would say “Darn You Guys!” and hang up. About 7 months after she had passed away the room filled with the smell of her Coty O’Lorigan perfume and the music box we’d kept began to play. I’m in one room and he in another I hollar “UM Scott and he replies with “Yeah Dot’s here!” She visits us often and the way we can tell is her perfume or her other loved scent “Ben Gay!” She’s a fun one 😀


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