Questions, Answers, Comments

When you write a book, you put yourself out there in the world. In a good way. And people you’ve never met suddenly become friends. In a good way. And sometimes they ask you questions. Again, good. But I’ve always felt a little presumptuous answering questions from readers. After all, I’m just a guy sitting at a laptop, surrounded by dogs, typing out my tales. I’m not Stephen King. Who the heck cares what I think? Does it matter what I’m listening to as I write? I can’t help but wonder if they’ve got the wrong guy, and that they’re thinking of someone who makes bundles of money by writing, and spends his off-time at cocktail parties rubbing elbows with publishers and agents.

Part of me thinks that. The other part is shouting Hey! Someone actually cared enough to email me/message me on Facebook or Twitter! How cool is that? Sometimes they just want to say they liked something you wrote. Sometimes they want to know when the next book of your series is coming out. Sometimes I’ve even received suggestions–one was a request to write a story featuring Daisy, the zombie bulldog from the Duncan Andrews books. I’m not sure I’ll ever pen that story, although I do have a plot in mind (now that some wonderful reader lit the spark) if I ever find the time. I’ve had other readers ask for stories featuring Duncan’s best friend and witch, Gina. I think the only suggestion (as far as the Duncan Andrews stories are concerned) that I haven’t received was for a stand-alone Robbie story. Oddly, that I do have on my schedule. I’m considering it, anyway. How would Robbie get along on a case without Duncan by his side? There are possibilities there.

So, yeah, I may just be some guy out in the middle of nowhere typing away at a laptop. I may have to pause at my work because Kady is at my side, wiggling her butt and pressing her nose to my elbow to show me that she’s got her Kong firmly clamped in her teeth. But if you feel so inclined, go ahead and sent me a question or comment or even a suggestion. Once the dogs are exhausted and give me a few moments to myself, I’ll answer.


3 thoughts on “Questions, Answers, Comments

  1. Part of my enjoyment in todays age is that I can get to talk to authors. For me it’s kinda like seeing a favorite movie star and having them wave at you lol. It just feels good, even if all I ever really say is Loved your book whens the next Weasel coming lol.


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