Bonjour! J’ai des nouvelles!

I think that’s French for “I have news!” Or maybe it means “the cat is in the tree.” I don’t speak French. But luckily enough French readers enjoyed the translation of my book Pale As a Ghost (Aussie Pale Qu’un Mort) that Sidh Press has arranged for the rights for Duncan Andrews #2, Animal Instinct!

I don’t have details as to when the book will be out (late this year, early next year is my best guess) but at some point in the near future people who read French will be able to learn about the further adventures of Duncan, Robbie, Gina, and, of course, Daisy the zombie bulldog.

When the French edition of Pale As a Ghost came out, I got several new friends on Facebook and elsewhere, so hopefully Animal Instinct will garner even more! Let me tell you, though…that translation function gives you an idea, but it’s certainly not the most accurate thing in the world. But if you read my books in either language, feel free to shoot me a message and let me know what you thought! The translation of my reply might be a bit garbled, and I might end up saying something like “I’m glad you enjoyed my soup” instead of “book”, but you’ll get the general idea.

One thing is certain. In any language, Anne Cain’s covers are gorgeous!



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