Lots of News! (Okay, 2 Things…But They’re Big!!!)

Where to start? I guess with the announcement that Raven’s Rest has been accepted by Dreamspinner Press! Raven’s Rest is a paranormal romance, set in a fictional town in Northern Illinois. Michael Cook has left his abusive lover and seeks escape in the town of Banning, where he stays at the Raven’s Rest Inn. The Inn has a reputation for being haunted, and soon Michael experiences cold spots, disembodied voices, and even apparitions. Michael gets a job at a local café, where he meets Trey Ramsey. As he and Trey grow close, Michael deals with the spirits that seem to be reaching out to him as well as his ex, who has tracked him down.

This one was tough for me, at least at first. I wanted a ghost story, so not a lot of humor here like with my other books. My first draft was murder (ha!), and I wrote nearly 50,000 words before I figured out why I wasn’t enjoying the writing…I didn’t like the main characters! They just weren’t connecting for me. So I changed nearly everything in the second draft, character-wise, while keeping the plot nearly the same. I dropped a few other characters and added others. Goodness, what a difference. I find that if I’m not in love with the love interest, which I wasn’t with the original, then it’s tough going. But with Trey, everything clicked. Trey Ramsey is rail-thin, always wears black, plays guitar, has long hair, and (gasp!) smokes! He tries to put across the image that he’s the town’s bad boy, but he really has a heart of gold. Michael Cook is tall, wears glasses, and is a total geek. In other words, he was me at 25!

Now onto News Bulletin #2. Under a Blood-Red Moon has a release date! Yes, it’s due to arrive on May 30th! It’s not available yet for pre-order, but at least we have a date! Hopefully people will be wanting to see what Duncan, Robbie, and the gang are up to this time around.


2 thoughts on “Lots of News! (Okay, 2 Things…But They’re Big!!!)

  1. I am so looking forward to Ravens Rest. Despite it maybe not having the humour of your others it still sounds like a sure fire hit. I’m liking Trey and Michael already lol.

    OK I can see another re read coming up, just to remind myself where Robbie and Duncan left off lol.

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