Duncan Andrews, Season Two…sorta

A lot of people assumed that Dead End would be the last of the Duncan Andrews series. And why not? After all, the title had the word End, and the storyline was pretty much wrapped up. Where could the story go from there? A lot of reviewers even touted it as the last book.

But now the 5th book in the series, Under a Blood-red Moon, is about to come out. I guess the characters had more to say. For me, I wanted to see how Robbie now fit in with the group. I think of Under a Blood-red Moon as being the first episode of the second season, so to speak, if the Duncan Andrews series was a sort of Buffy the Vampire Slayer-like TV show. Things are different, but they go on.

So can someone who hasn’t read the 1st four books just start with Under a Blood-red Moon? Absolutely! Best, of course, if you’ve read the others, but anything you need to know if explained. I’ve heard from readers who started with Dead End and the book made perfect sense with them. Then they went back and started on Pale As a Ghost.

Now if we can just get someone in TV land to REALLY make this into a show…! Goodness, who would they cast? Dylan O’Brien, of course, as Robbie…but who as Duncan?

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?



2 thoughts on “Duncan Andrews, Season Two…sorta

  1. This series would so make a great TV show. Different cases each week or stretch one case out over 3 or 4 episodes. Just no close ups on Daisy and her eating habits lol.


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