Stealing Faces

I use Scrivener as my writing program, and it has a nice little section for characters, where you can put pictures, their bios, whatever you want. I give these imaginary people names, and often put a picture with them. This helps to keep little details straight (is their hair black, eyes blue?). This isn’t really a stupid thing to do. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Lucy’s hair color changes throughout the book. If he’d have just put a picture of Scarlett Johansson in her bio area, he’d have kept it straight. Sometimes I just find a picture on the Internet, some random person (I’ll just Google “Young  Hispanic Woman” and see what comes up) and use that image. Sometimes I cast a celebrity as a character, like I’m casting a movie. Sometimes it’s a friend (Matt Downing was the image I had in my head for Weasel).

It’s like casting a movie. So if the description of a character in one of my books sounds awfully familiar…


Matt Downing…or is it Patrick (Weasel) Weasley?


One thought on “Stealing Faces

  1. Mostly I prefer not to see pictures of characters as they rarely meet my expectations, but on rare occasions I’m surprised. In this case I could definitely see this guy as Weasel lol.


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